A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of CM-AT for the Treatment of Autism in Children With All Levels of Fecal Chymotrypsin

Dr. Robert Hendren is doing a clinical research study using a digestive enzymes for the treatment of children with autism ages 3-8. CM-AT is an enzyme which is similar to the digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas. It is taken 3 times a day, sprinkled over food. It is expected that CM-AT will help improve autistic symptoms through a positive impact on gastrointestinal function. No serious side effects have been identified so far. This study has no blood draw.

During the course of the study you will receive a thorough diagnostic evaluation, physical exams, monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, height and weight and frequent examination of symptoms of autism. There is no cost to participating in the study and we can provide a small payment at each visit to help cover the expenses of time, travel and parking. Participation in a research study is completely voluntary.

Study design

12-week double blind, parallel group, placebo-controlled with visits every two weeks


$50 for each clinic visit

Principal investigator

Robert Hendren, DO

Contact info

Felicia Widjaja
[email protected]
(415) 476-7803