Genes Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Lauren Weiss is a geneticist conducting research study to find genes related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Boys are affected by autism spectrum disorders much more often than girls. If we understand why girls get autism less often than boys, we may be able to protect boys and girls from getting autism in the future.

Study design

For the data collection phase we will first be asking you to answer two short questionnaires about your child and provide details about the family and medical history. You can complete the questionnaires in-person or over the phone with the study coordinator, or by yourself at home at your convenience. Second, we will be drawing a small blood sample, about 2 tablespoons, from you and your child. This will be done by a professional experienced in drawing blood from children with ASDs. The blood can be drawn at UCSF or we can make an arrangement that is more convenient for you.

DNA will be extracted from the blood samples and will be analyzed to identify differences between girls and boys who have autism.

Participant requirements

Individuals who have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We would like to have the affected individual and both biological parents participate.


To compensate for time and effort in helping others, we will reimburse $20 for completed participation.

Principal investigator

Lauren Weiss, PhD

Contact info

Iris Corbin
[email protected]
(415) 476-6988