Molecular Psychiatry Association to host 3rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco

Molecular Psychiatry Association (MPA)
The Molecular Psychiatry Association (MPA) will host its 3rd Annual Meeting October 30-November 1 in San Francisco. All researchers interested in learning about various molecular approaches to enhance understanding of psychiatric disease are invited to attend this open meeting. The conference will include sessions focusing on neurobiology, genetics, brain imaging, biomarkers, brain expression, neural stem cells, animal models and novel drug development, as well as a poster session. UCSF Psychiatry faculty members chairing sessions this year include Daniel Mathalon, MD, PhD; Anna Molofsky, MD, PhD; John Rubenstein, MD, PhD; Stephan Sanders, BMBS, PhD; and Vikaas Sohal, MD, PhD.

The Molecular Psychiatry Association was founded in 2013 to promote research and communication of research findings that may lead to a better understanding of the molecular basis of psychiatric disorders. By bringing together investigators with varied molecular approaches, the association hopes to serve as catalyst for cross-fertilization and future collaborations. The MPA – as well as its annual meeting – is open to all professionals who are interested in molecular foundations of psychiatric disorders. William Byerley, MD, serves as the association's president, as well as editor-in-chief of its official journal, Molecular Neuropsychiatry.