UCSF Autism Symposium to feature slate of local and national researchers

On January 21, 2015, UCSF will host a day-long symposium highlighting recent advances in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at Genentech Hall on the Mission Bay campus. The event will cover progress in diagnostics, neuro-imaging, therapeutics, genomics and neurobiology. Organized by Eric Huang, MD, PhD, John Rubenstein, MD, PhD, and Matthew W. State, MD, PhD, the UCSF Symposium on Autism will bring together leading minds from Boston Children’s Hospital, Emory University, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Stanford University, Yale University, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Simons Foundation.The event is co-sponsored by the UCSF Graduate Education in Medical Sciences (GEMS) Program, the UCSF Neuroscience Graduate Program, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

To register to attend, contact Lucita Nacionales at [email protected].