UCSF-CMC Partnership in Child Psychiatry Training making a positive impact for children in India

By Nicholas Roznovsky

Tsherlingla (left) and Ferren at the Christian Medical College’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit

Tsherlingla (left) and Ferren at the Christian Medical College’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit  |  Photo courtesy of Peter Ferren

Last month, UCSF Professor of Psychiatry Peter M. Ferren, MD, MPH, made his eighth visit since 2007 to Vellore, India, where he serves as a volunteer clinical faculty member in the Christian Medical College (CMC)'s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit.

At CMC, Dr. Ferren teaches as an ambassador of child psychiatry, sharing knowledge and skills with colleagues in an established child mental health service. In addition to treating emotional disorders in childhood, the CMC Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit has a notable program in treating autism, intellectual disability, and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

During Ferren’s visit, he visited with CMC Assistant Professor Sherab Tsheringla, MBBS, DPH, MD, who spent six weeks at UCSF last year as a credentialed physician observer under Ferren’s mentorship. Tsheringla showed him the mental health education and consultation service he established at Vellore's Vedavalli Vidyalaya School, based on programs implemented in San Francisco schools by UCSF faculty at Zuckerberg San Francisco General. He also demonstrated how his visit to UCSF enhanced his knowledge and skills in evaluating and treating children exposed to severe emotional trauma (particularly sexual abuse), resulting in the development of protocols for evaluating and treating the psychiatric sequelae of child victims of sexual abuse in cultural context at CMC.

Tsheringla’s 2015 visit was supported in part by the UCSF-CMC Partnership in Child Psychiatry Training, which was established by Ferren in 2011 with donor assistance to support the new child psychiatry training program at CMC, the first of its kind to be officially and nationally recognized in India. In 2013, Associate Professor Elida Bautista, PhD, became the first UCSF Psychiatry faculty member to travel to CMC under this program.

Faculty, residents, and students who are interested in Ferren’s work and affiliation with CMC and would like more information about the UCSF-CMC Partnership in Child Psychiatry Training are encouraged to contact him at [email protected].

Ferren and Tsherlingla meeting with personnel at the Vedavalli Vidyalaya School in Vellore

Ferren and Tsherlingla meeting with personnel at the Vedavalli Vidyalaya School in Vellore  |  Photo courtesy of Peter Ferren


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