Emotional Well-Being During the COVID-19 Crisis for Health Care Providers Webinar Series

Doctor holding someone's hand

We know these are difficult times for everyone, especially those of you who are serving patients. We hope you will enjoy the videos from our 10-week webinar series featuring mental health and emotional wellness experts showing how health care providers can reduce personal stress during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as coping with other disasters. In addition to these hour-long webinars, we have made a series of mini-videos on related topics.

We will host another monthly webinar series in the winter, most likely on the first Thursday of the month at noon. In the meantime, we welcome your ideas for speakers and topics. Please email them to [email protected]. You can hear about more well-being events via @Dr_Epel on Twitter.

This webinar series is co-sponsored by the UCSF Department of PsychiatryUCSF Office of Alumni RelationsGreater Good Science Center at UC BerkeleyMindsight Institute, and the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation.

Download: Insights From Webinar Participants


April 2 Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW
Elissa Epel, PhD
Daniel J. Siegel, MD
Psychological Strategies for Acute Stress Archived video
April 9 Lisa Fortuna, MD, MPH, MDiv
Bruce Perry, MD
Robert Rodriguez, MD
Psychological First Aid Strategies to Deal With Acute Stress Archived video
April 16 Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD
Jennifer Doerhn, PhD, RN
Healing Moral Distress, Moral Outrage, and Reducing Burnout Archived video
April 23 Daniel J. Siegel, MD
Margo Pumar, MD
Supporting Our Youth: How to Survive and Thrive Archived video
April 30 Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW Collective Vulnerability and Courage Postponed (new date TBD)
May 7 Wim Hof
Ashley Mason, PhD
Making Stress Work for You: Restoration Through Hormetic Stressors and Wim Hof Breathing Archived video
May 14 Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW
Thupten Jinpa, PhD
Sanjay Reddy, MD
On the Front Lines: Compassion-Based Strategies Archived video
May 21 Bessel van der Kolk, MD
David Bullard, PhD
Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH
Resilience to Traumatic Stress: When the Body Keeps the Score

Archived video

May 28 Esther Perel, MA
Ethan Weiss, MD
Relationships Under Shelter: Transforming Conflict to Harmony Archived video
June 4 Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD
Eve Ekman, PhD, MSW
Elissa Epel, PhD
Jack Kornfield, PhD
Daniel J. Siegel, MD
Resilience and Regeneration Archived video


Week 1 (Ekman/Epel/Siegel)
Week 3 (Halifax/Doerhn)
Week 4 (Siegel)
Week 6 (Hof/Mason)
Week 7 (Jinpa/Ekman/Reddy)
Week 8 (van der Kolk/Bullard/Ziedonis)
Week 9 (Perel/Weiss)
Week 10 (Blackburn/Ekman/Epel/Kornfield/Siegel)