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Ellen Resnick, LCSW

In Memoriam: Ellen N. Resnick, LCSW

September 28, 2016
Longtime Bay Area psychotherapist and educator Ellen Nan Resnick, LCSW, of Emerald Hills, Calif., passed away on September 26, 2016. She was 58 years old.
Jin Kim, PhD

Psychiatry postdoc's research on smoking cessation wins inaugural UCSF Postdoc Slam competition

September 26, 2016
Jin Kim, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar at UC San Francisco's Department of Psychiatry, won the inaugural UCSF Postdoc Slam competition for her talk titled “Promoting Smoking Cessation by Addressing Food Insecurity.”
Children's handprints

NIH awards nearly $5 million to research environmental influences on child development

September 23, 2016
The National Institutes of Health has awarded more than $4.7 million to a project being conducted in part by UC San Francisco researchers investigating how the environment influences neurodevelopment and asthma risk in children.
Daniel H. Mathalon, PhD, MD

Mathalon joins BBRF Scientific Council

September 21, 2016
Daniel H. Mathalon, PhD, MD, professor of psychiatry and biomedical sciences at UC San Francisco and co-director of the Brain Imaging and EEG Laboratory, has joined the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF)'s Scientific Council.
Mother hugging child

Mothers of children with autism may face higher risks for heart disease

September 21, 2016
Mothers who were raising children with autism and reported chronic stress were more likely to have high levels of “bad” cholesterol and lower levels of protective progenitor cells than lower-stressed mothers of “neurotypical” children – two factors that may boost their chances of heart disease.
Child playing game on iPad

Study shows 'video game' more accurate than standard tests at identifying children with attention disorders

September 20, 2016
A digital assessment platform designed to look and feel like a video game may successfully flag children with attention disorders, according to the results of a study published Sept. 20, 2016, in Translational Psychiatry.
MPA logo

Molecular Psychiatry Association to host 4th Annual Meeting in October

September 08, 2016
The Molecular Psychiatry Association (MPA) will host its 4th Annual Meeting October 6-9 in Maui, Hawaii.
Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD

Hoeft to be featured speaker at TEDxSausalito

September 07, 2016
Associate Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and director of UCSF BrainLENS Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD, will be featured as a speaker at the upcoming TEDxSausalito conference
Harman V.S. "Van" Peeke, PhD

In Memoriam: Harman V.S. Peeke, PhD

September 02, 2016
Harman V.S. "Van" Peeke, PhD, native of San Francisco and resident of Glen Ellen, Calif., died peacefully at home on Friday, August 26, 2016.
Vanessa Hus Bal, PhD

Bal joins department faculty as assistant professor

September 01, 2016
Clinician and researcher Vanessa Hus Bal, PhD, has joined the Department of Psychiatry as an assistant professor in residence and clinical psychologist for the UCSF STAR Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.