HALP Clinical Services

Comprehensive ADHD evaluations

HALP offers a complete diagnostic workup that covers major problems and disorders that can affect a child’s ability to do well at school or home. Through the evaluation process extensive information is gathered about the child/adolescent’s symptoms, developmental history, and functioning at school and home. The full workup includes a medical screening, diagnostic interviews, a review of rating scales completed by parents, teachers, and the child/adolescent, and psychoeducational testing. Information gathered through each of these components is synthesized by the clinical team. Results of the evaluation and recommendations for addressing problem areas are discussed with parents during a feedback session. A written report is provided describing the findings and treatment recommendations. Since information from the teacher is critical, we recommend initiating the diagnostic evaluations during the school year.

ADHD treatment

Superparenting 101

This eight-session group treatment is designed to help parents of children in grades 1–7 learn techniques to help with attention and behavior problems that are causing problems at home and at school. Topics covered in this treatment are derived from evidence-based behavioral parent training programs and include strategies for effective and positive communication, improving child behavior and social skills, enhancing school performance and homework skills, learning to discipline effectively, and increasing motivation. This group starts in July and is held on Wednesday afternoons. Each session is 90-minutes.The course follows the same model used in our research-supported Child Life and Attention Skills (CLAS) and Collaborative Life Skills (CLS) programs.

The group also is held in combination with the Social and Life Skills Training child groups that are held in October, January, and April. Please note that the Parent-Child combination groups are only for children who are in grades 2–5.

Social and Life Skills Training

This fun treatment group helps children in grades 2–5 learn skills and strategies for making and keeping friends, staying organized, and handling disappointments. The group also includes strategies that help children gain independence in daily tasks, like getting ready for the day, being on time, managing homework assignments, and establishing good habits and routines. The group combines learning new skills with repeated practice and fun learning games that help children put the new skills to work in everyday life.

Please note that this group is only offered with parents attending Superparenting 101 at the same time, where they learn strategies to support their children’s use of social and life skills at home. This course follows the model used in our research-supported CLAS and CLS programs. There are eight sessions that are 90 minutes each, held on Wednesdays from 5:00–6:30 p.m. Group series begin in October, January, and April.

Individual family and parenting skills sessions

Individual family and parenting skills sessions are available to parents of children with ADHD and other disruptive behavior concerns. In this short-term, behavioral-focused therapy, we teach parents positive parenting strategies and specific behavioral management techniques to improve children’s compliance, reduce behavior problems, and strengthen parent-child relationships. Treatment focuses on teaching parents to be more positive, communicate clearly, increase structure/routine, and improve consistency.

School consultations

HALP clinicians can visit a child’s school as needed for several purposes, including classroom observation, IEP staffings, teacher training, or to design a behavioral program with the child’s teacher to help with academic productivity. We can provide technical advice on educational accommodations when these are appropriate under IDEA or Section 504. We frequently set up daily school-home report cards as a means of teaming up parents and teachers to support a student’s learning and behavior.


The HALP Clinic’s philosophy on medication is to provide the latest research-based information possible to parents, and then to allow the family to decide what is best in their individual case. We provide information about what medications do and don’t do, including all potential benefits and risks. For families who want to try medication, we refer to our Medication Management Clinic. For children with more complicated medication needs, we provide further care in our Assessment Clinic.


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