HALP Research

Child drawing on a piece of paper

Research within the Hyperactivity and Learning Problems Program is focused on developing and testing clinic and school-based treatments for children with ADHD and related problems.

Collaborative Life Skills Program (CLS)

The Collaborative Life Skills Program was developed in partnership with San Francisco Unified School District to address the gap in evidence-based school services for students with attention and behavior problems.

Collaborative Life Skills Remote Project (CLS-R)

In partnership with San Francisco Unified School District, we are currently developing a remote, web-based professional development program for school mental health providers based on CLS.

Child Life and Attention Skills Program (CLAS)

The Child Life and Attention Skills Program is a behavioral treatment for children with the inattentive presentation of ADHD (ADHD-I) that includes parents, teachers, and children in the intervention.​

A Digital Health Solution for Improving Parent Adherence and Sustainability of ADHD Treatment Outcomes

The goal of this project is to develop a dHealth tool (parenting app) for parents of youth with attention and behavior challenges.

Enhancing Team Effectiveness for a Collaborative School-Based Intervention for ADHD

In partnership with UC San Diego and San Diego State University, we are applying team-based implementation strategies to optimize implementation and effectiveness of the Collaborative Life Skills Program across multiple public school districts.

GAMES: Guided ADHD Therapy for Managing the Extent and Severity of Symptoms

A randomized, controlled, parallel-group, intervention study to assess an at home, game-based digital therapy for treating adult patients with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.