UCSF Family and Community Psychiatry Program

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center
1001 Potrero Avenue, Box 0852
Building 5
San Francisco, CA 94110

Program Director: Melanie Thomas, MD, MS

The UCSF Family and Community Psychiatry Program (FCPP) is dedicated to providing family-centered mental health services for pregnant women and families with young children (ages 0-3). 

FCPP involves four clinical programs and an associated program of research:

  • ZSFG High-Risk Obstetrics Psychiatry or HROB (OB/GYN and Psychiatry)
  • ZSFG Kempe Behavioral Health Partnership (Pediatric and Adult Psychiatry)
  • Perinatal Community Psychiatry Initiative (ZSFG and Homeless Prenatal Program)
  • Solid Start Behavioral Health (Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine)

These programs share the goal of providing services to the target population “where they are” and linking women to available specialty and non-specialty mental health services. FCPP aims to provide high quality behavioral health services for their target population through clinical care delivery, program development, liaison services, and research in partnership with other departments at ZSFG, community-based organizations, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

The Kempe clinic, a joint initiative between the Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary services to families who have experienced significant social risk factors such as teenage pregnancy, substance use, foster care, and significant parental mental illness. It is primarily a pediatric primary care clinic, and has enhanced resources such as social work, nutrition, and infant-parent psychotherapy.

Melanie Thomas, MD, MS, guides collaboration with the Homeless Prenatal Program, a San Francisco-based agency providing poor and homeless families the ability to end childhood poverty. She also directs research and evaluation across programs.

The Family and Community Psychiatry Program works together with the entire Division of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to build partnerships across UCSF sites, departments at ZSFG, and with partners in the local community.