Recruitment and Retention Task Force

Co-chairs:  William Hua, PhD, and Danielle Roubinov, PhD

Task force members: Erin Accurso, PhDMaithri Ameresekere, MDAndreea Seritan, MDSamuel Wan, PhD

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The purpose of the Department of Psychiatry’s Diversity Committee Recruitment and Retention Task Force is to facilitate and support the successful hiring of individuals of diverse backgrounds into positions at all levels of the department. Activities include providing consultation for candidate search committees, facilitating access to faculty members to serve as a resource for applicants with questions concerning departmental diversity and support for minority faculty/residents/postdocs, working with departmental leadership to monitor rates of recruitment and retention, and identifying opportunities for improvement. They also ensure that the website is updated with information that will attract a broad range of candidates to UCSF. This committee works in conjunction with other subcommittees and the larger diversity committee to meet our goals.


The Diversity Committee has developed leading principles and strategies to enhance our outreach and successful augmentation of our faculty, trainees and staff with stellar individuals from diverse backgrounds. In particular, we are endeavoring to develop ways to mitigate implicit bias in the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff. Please see here for details on our procedures:

In addition, there are multiple UCSF campus resources to help promote and recruit faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Outreach Renee Navarro, MD, is leading this effort across UCSF through the Office of Diversity and Outreach. In addition to the Office of Career and Professional Development, there are additional resources that are available on campus to assist staff to recruit and retain diverse students and faculty, specifically:

Our department has also assembled the following resources concerning advancement and promotion:

Diversity awards

The UCSF Chancellor Awards serve to recognize both the outstanding efforts of individuals toward advancing health, community, and diversity, as well as extraordinary professional performance and service above and beyond the scope of individual jobs, areas of research, or training at UCSF.

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