UCSF Psychiatry Research Resident Training Program

The UCSF Psychiatry Research Resident Training Program (RRTP) provides a comprehensive program to support and nurture psychiatry residents interested in pursuing careers in mental health research.

Our mission is to promote the entry of psychiatry residents into ongoing careers in mental health research, including clinical, translational, and basic science research. We accomplish this through proactive and collaborative mentorship and targeted research support. Our program includes career mentoring, protected time for research activities, research pilot funding, individualized training opportunities and more.

Training the next generation of mental health researchers

We strive to foster the continuing research careers of psychiatry residents who already have substantial previous backgrounds in research (e.g., masters, PhDs) and who are committed to a majority (>75%) research career. We also place a specific focus on identifying child psychiatry residents interested in pursuing a research career and fostering their career development.

We continue to support the career development of UCSF RRTP residents post-residency, providing assistance with postdoctoral fellowships, mentored career awards, and much more.

Program highlights

  • Flexible, individualized research training and experiences
  • Excellent faculty and training environment
  • Collaboration with the UCSF Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
  • Career mentorship opportunities
  • Diverse trainee and faculty profiles
  • Established program, founded in 1999

Application information and resources

Contact the program

For more information on the UCSF Psychiatry Research Resident Training Program, please contact program co-director Susan Voglmaier, MD, PhD, at [email protected].