RRTP Resident Research Publications

The following is a list of academic publications by current RRTP trainees. (Please note: Publications listed below are automatically derived from MEDLINE/PubMed and other sources, which might result in incorrect or missing publications.)

Alexander Bazazi, MD, PhD

HIV Testing and Counseling at U.S. Substance Use Treatment Facilities: A Missed Opportunity for Early Identification (2021)

Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Incarcerated Persons with HIV: Associations with Methadone and Perceived Safety (2019)

Retention in clinical trials after prison release: results from a clinical trial with incarcerated men with HIV and opioid dependence in Malaysia (2019)

Commentary on Rafful et al. (2018): Unpacking involuntary interventions for people who use drugs (2018)

HIV Testing and awareness of HIV status among people who inject drugs in greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2018)

Prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Cisgender and Transgender Women Sex Workers in Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Results From a Respondent-Driven Sampling Study (2017)

Design and implementation of a factorial randomized controlled trial of methadone maintenance therapy and an evidence-based behavioral intervention for incarcerated people living with HIV and opioid dependence in Malaysia (2017)

A Moderated Mediation Model of HIV-Related Stigma, Depression, and Social Support on Health-Related Quality of Life among Incarcerated Malaysian Men with HIV and Opioid Dependence (2017)

Predictors of Mortality within Prison and after Release among Persons Living with HIV in Indonesia (2017)

The complex interplay of social networks, geography and HIV risk among Malaysian Drug Injectors: Results from respondent-driven sampling (2016)

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Nyasha Chagwedera, MD, PhD

Nutrient Sensing in CD11c Cells Alters the Gut Microbiota to Regulate Food Intake and Body Mass (2019)

Energetic Trade-Offs and Hypometabolic States Promote Disease Tolerance (2019)

Joshua Cohen, MD, PhD

Modeling heritability of temperamental differences, stress reactivity, and risk for anxiety and depression: Relevance to research domain criteria (RDoC) (2021)

Treatment of pediatric high-grade central nervous system tumors with high-dose methotrexate in combination with multiagent chemotherapy: A single-institution experience (2020)

Successful Resolution of Prominent Somatic Delusions Following Bi-temporal Electroconvulsive Therapy in a patient with Treatment-Resistant Schizoaffective Disorder (2019)

Rats bred for high anxiety exhibit distinct fear-related coping behavior, hippocampal physiology, and synaptic plasticity-related gene expression (2019)

Treatment-induced remission of medulloblastoma using a chemotherapeutic regimen devoid of vincristine in a child with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (2019)

Altered DNA Methylation in the Developing Brains of Rats Genetically Prone to High versus Low Anxiety (2019)

Amygdalar expression of the microRNA miR-101a and its target Ezh2 contribute to rodent anxiety-like behaviour (2017)

Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants by Medical Students: A Call to Action (2017)

Differential stress induced c-Fos expression and identification of region-specific miRNA-mRNA networks in the dorsal raphe and amygdala of high-responder/low-responder rats (2017)

Maternal Style Selectively Shapes Amygdalar Development and Social Behavior in Rats Genetically Prone to High Anxiety (2015)

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Jason Gandelman, MD

Persistent Intrinsic Functional Network Connectivity Alterations in Middle-Aged and Older Women With Remitted Depression (2020)

Medial temporal lobe volumes in late-life depression: effects of age and vascular risk factors (2020)

Intrinsic Functional Network Connectivity Is Associated With Clinical Symptoms and Cognition in Late-Life Depression (2019)

Transdermal Nicotine for the Treatment of Mood and Cognitive Symptoms in Nonsmokers With Late-Life Depression (2018)

Nicotine and networks: Potential for enhancement of mood and cognition in late-life depression (2018)

Retrocaval renal artery bifurcation is not a contraindication to laparoscopic right donor nephrectomy (2013)

Rebecca Hu, MD

White Matter Microstructure in Individuals With and At Risk for Bipolar Disorder: Evidence for an Endophenotype From a Voxel-Based Meta-analysis (2020)

Richard Jin, MD, PhD

The Toxoplasma Polymorphic Effector GRA15 Mediates Seizure Induction by Modulating Interleukin-1 Signaling in the Brain (2021)

Dehydrated Human Amnion Chorion Membrane as Treatment for Pediatric Burns (2020)

Thermotolerance in the pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans is linked to antigen masking via mRNA decay-dependent reprogramming (2019)

Chronic infection stunts macrophage heterogeneity and disrupts immune-mediated myogenesis (2018)

Therapeutic administration of IL-10 and amphiregulin alleviates chronic skeletal muscle inflammation and damage induced by infection (2018)

Regulatory T Cells Promote Myositis and Muscle Damage in Toxoplasma gondii Infection (2017)

Cytokine responsiveness of CD8(+) T cells is a reproducible biomarker for the clinical efficacy of dendritic cell vaccination in glioblastoma patients (2014)

Monitoring of regulatory T cell frequencies and expression of CTLA-4 on T cells, before and after DC vaccination, can predict survival in GBM patients (2012)

Bora Kim, MD, MAS

Prevalence of and Factors Associated with School Bullying in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis (2020)

Childhood vaccination as a protective factor for developmental psychopathology (2020)

An integrated Model for the Relationship Between Socio-Cultural Factors, Attitudes Toward Suicide, and Intensity of Suicidal Ideation in Korean, et al. (2020)

Identifying the Medical Lethality of Suicide Attempts Using Network Analysis and Deep Learning: Nationwide Study (2020)

Predicting Planned Suicide Attempts With the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale: A Subanalysis of the 2013 Korea National Suicide Survey on Emergency Department Visitors (2019)

Classification of attempted suicide by cluster analysis: A study of 888 suicide attempters presenting to the emergency department (2018)

Factors Affecting Suicide Method Lethality Among Suicide Attempters in the Korea National Suicide Survey (2018)

Sex difference in risk period for completed suicide following prior attempts: Korea National Suicide Survey (KNSS) (2018)

A Comparative Study of Permissive Attitudes Toward Suicide : An Analysis of Cross-National Survey in South Korea, Japan, and the United States (2016)

Sex-specific association between the albumin D-element binding protein gene and metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia (2016)

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Ying Li, MD, PhD

Copine-6 Binds to SNAREs and Selectively Suppresses Spontaneous Neurotransmission (2018)

Synaptic Vesicle-Recycling Machinery Components as Potential Therapeutic Targets (2017)

Synaptotagmin-1- and Synaptotagmin-7-Dependent Fusion Mechanisms Target Synaptic Vesicles to Kinetically Distinct Endocytic Pathways (2017)

VAMP4 directs synaptic vesicles to a pool that selectively maintains asynchronous neurotransmission (2012)

Nicelio Sanchez-Luege, MD, PhD

Collaborative repressive action of the antagonistic ETS transcription factors Pointed and Yan fine-tunes gene expression to confer robustness in Drosophila (2018)

Corrigendum: Detecting differential copy number variation between groups of samples (2018)

Detecting differential copy number variation between groups of samples (2018)

Evaluation of absolute serum α-fetoprotein levels in liver transplant for hepatocellular cancer (2011)

Race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status influence the survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in the United States (2010)

A disease-based comparison of liver transplantation outcomes (2009)

Surgical resection of primary and metastatic hepatic malignancies following portal vein embolization (2009)

Susan Shen, MD, PhD

Acquired mania associated with a left temporal meningioma (2018)

The role of retinol dehydrogenase 10 in the cone visual cycle (2017)

Cell Type-Specific Epigenomic Analysis Reveals a Uniquely Closed Chromatin Architecture in Mouse Rod Photoreceptors (2017)

A Simple Grammar Defines Activating and Repressing cis-Regulatory Elements in Photoreceptors (2016)

Massively parallel cis-regulatory analysis in the mammalian central nervous system (2016)

Circadian and light-driven regulation of rod dark adaptation (2015)

CRALBP supports the mammalian retinal visual cycle and cone vision (2015)

Hybrid mice reveal parent-of-origin and Cis- and trans-regulatory effects in the retina (2014)

Chromophore supply rate-limits mammalian photoreceptor dark adaptation (2014)

Reprogramming of adult rod photoreceptors prevents retinal degeneration (2013)

Belinda Wang, MD, PhD

Epitope spreading toward wild-type melanocyte-lineage antigens rescues suboptimal immune checkpoint blockade responses (2021)

Parallel in vivo analysis of large-effect autism genes implicates cortical neurogenesis and estrogen in risk and resilience (2021)

Leveraging large genomic datasets to illuminate the pathobiology of autism spectrum disorders (2021)

Correction: KEAP1 loss modulates sensitivity to kinase targeted therapy in lung cancer (2017)

Copy-number and gene dependency analysis reveals partial copy loss of wild-type SF3B1 as a novel cancer vulnerability (2017)

ATXN1L, CIC, and ETS Transcription Factors Modulate Sensitivity to MAPK Pathway Inhibition (2017)

KEAP1 loss modulates sensitivity to kinase targeted therapy in lung cancer (2017)

Vitamin K epoxide reductase prefers ER membrane-anchored thioredoxin-like redox partners (2010)

Shuyu Wang, MD, PhD

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